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The story of Club Knit

Being a knitter for the past few years, I had the idea to start working on essential knitwear items to accomplish the perfect wardrobe. My main goal was (and still is) to develop and create knitwear that combines timeless chic and feminine designs with comfort and quality. 

How we work

Until this very day, every item is crafted by hand in our atelier in Zürich. We work on demand, which means a knit is only made as soon as your order comes in. This way of working allows us to limit waste and take into account special requests you might have regarding sizing (win-win, right?). 

The materials we use

We believe it's our responsibility to work towards making the planet a better place and we're striving to work with a very clean supply chain. The animals that provide the wool are looked after by small family farms. First, the animals are shorn - no mulesing involved. The yarns tops are then dyed using low impact dyes certified by both REACH and Oeko Tex. The yarn we use is not vegan.

For the makers

Recently our business has expanded with DIY knitting kits, which allow knitters to create their favourite CK-knits themselves. After all, what is more fun than making your own beautiful sweater, right? We have decided, however, not to sell our patterns separately. Why? We want our knits to remain different, unique and the exact opposite of a mass product you see all over the internet.

Thank you

To all of you that have been part of my journey in one way or another, I want to say thank you. For being a part of Club Knit, for buying the things I make, for knitting together.

Merci beaucoup!